Shri Connect: The School ERP (Visit our ShriConnect Micro Site)

ShriConnect:  a comprehensive IT solution for schools that caters to both academic and administrative processes for the school IT system and impacts all stakeholders - Students, Teachers, Administrators, Parents or potential Parents. ShriConnect, the school management software operated on the SaaS model and is a Cloud Based ERP that is centrally hosted and requires only internet to operate and manage the application. Shriconnect the school ERP does not require specific IT application development/Maintenance team unlike other school management software's .

ShriConnect Modules Offered:

  • Student Module
  • Admin Module
  • Staff Module
  • Parent Portal
  • Attendance and Leave management
  • Academic Module
  • Exam & Report Card Module
  • Co-Curricular Module
  • Fee Management Module
  • SMS & Online Payment Integration
  • Admissions Module
  • Online Exam Module
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • HR management and payroll


Benefits of ShriConnect on Cloud Model

  • No Capex cost: No need to deploy servers or purchase various software licenses to support use 
  • Reduced need to predict scale of demand and infrastructure investment up front
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery part would be taken care off by the Service Provider
  • No need to manage site specific IT Application development / maintenance team
  • All the new features added in the school management software will be available automatically


Our Clients

  • The Shri Ram Schools, Delhi & Gurgaon
  • The Shri Ram Millennium Schools, Noida & Faridabad
  • Ghiyasuddin International School, Maldives
  • The Shri Ram Early Years, Sohna Road
  • Confluence World School, Rudrapur
  • Gurukul Foundation School, Kashipur
  • Modern Public School, Bhiwadi & Shahberi
  • Cambridge School, Noida
  • The Shri Ram Police Public School, Gurgaon
  • The Shri Ram Universal School, Rohtak
  • The Little Shri, Rohtak
  • The Shri Ram Early Years, GK & VK
  • The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Gurgaon

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