How to Start School in India


Starting a school is not just a business; it is also a social service where you impart education for the development of country. It is one of the most satisfying business choices. But where people get confused in India is, 'how to start a school?'

Opening a school is a complicated process with so many legal formalities and other essential steps. Proper planning and follow up is essential to start a school and run it successfully. Some people take help of professional school consultants, while some give it a try themselves. If you fall in second category, this process will help you out with your aim of starting a school in India.

The very first step school opening process is to decide a right location. You need to be very careful while selecting the city and the area in it. Thoroughly research the market as well as the audience. It is better to start a school in an area with high requirement of a high-quality school with good education system.

Opt for the board (regional board or CBSE) and apply for affiliation. It also helps you decide curriculum accordingly.

Legal formalities are the major part of the whole school opening process. You need to apply for school registration, NOCs and other statutory approvals. Municipal authorities and education department are the major authorities where you need to go for help. To get approval you should also have basic school infrastructure, interior and qualified staff.

Once you have got all the approvals to start school in India, you need to promote it through different marketing techniques. It includes both online and physical promotion like designing an appealing website, putting hoardings, digital marketing etc.

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